Consistent IP’s and hostnames from a libvirt defined network

I’ve noticed that when saving and restoring vm’s from either virsh or virt-manager, that often the IP address of the virtual machine changes.  This can be annoying as you have to employ different methods of figuring out what the new IP of the vm actually is (login to the console, access the display, use the • Read More »

Spice display bash function

I’ve found myself using virsh more and more to manage my libvirt based virtual machines, as working from a CLI based shell is easier for me.  virt-manager is nice, but not all of the libvirt features are exposed in its GUI for vm management.    However, I didn’t see a virsh command for launching a running • Read More »

Pulp on OpenShift

I thought I’d post about my experience getting Pulp running on  OpenShift, and more specifically, OpenShift Origin. First, the why.  Well, I want an environment where I can run multiple instances of Pulp side by side, independent of each other.  Pulp uses config files installed under /etc, extensions and plugins installed under /usr, and writes • Read More »


Thought I’d play around a bit with getting a WordPress blog running in OpenShift.  I’m  pleased with how easy it was.  Stay tuned as I plan to blog a bit about some of my other experiences with OpenShift as well as some about Pulp.