TripleO VM Setup

I just got done publishing this on the RDO wiki:

It’s a set of steps to help people get setup for TripleO, which is the OpenStack deployment program. It uses 3 vm’s for the setup. One for your undercloud, and 2 that simulate baremetal nodes for provisioning of the overcloud.

The steps are CLI based right now. One thing that is obvious in this approach however is that after the vm setup, you’re really only using OpenStack clients. This really illustrates how OpenStack is capable of doing its own cloud deployment.

I’ll be keeping these steps updated, in the future expect to see Tuskar integration. Tuskar’s  (  goal is to provide a management API and UI for your OpenStack deployment. You’ll be able to easily enroll hardware, define hardware profiles and different deployment resources (e.g., Compute, Storage, etc), and then provision your cloud directly to baremetal.

One comment on “TripleO VM Setup

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks James, I’m going to give this a shot on my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop.

    I must have tried 6 times to install Devtest over the last 8 months or so and always came up short

    I’m also going to try MirantisOpenStack-4.0 on VirtualBox as they seem to be moving towards integration with TripleO and they have excellent documentation to leverage.

    And more good news, that the GUI for TripleO is close to release also.


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