Update on TripleO with already provisioned servers

In a previous post, I talked about using TripleO with already deployed and provisioned servers. Since that was published, TripleO has made a lot of progress in this area. I figured it was about time for an update on where the project is with this feature. Throughout the Ocata cycle, I’ve had the chance to • Read More »

TripleO with already deployed servers

Recently I’ve been prototyping how to use TripleO with already deployed and provisioned servers. In such a scenario, Nova and Ironic would not be used to do the initial operating system provisioning of the Overcloud nodes. Instead, the nodes would already be powered on, running an OS, and ready to start to configure OpenStack. There • Read More »

TripleO Liberty Recap

It was a great OpenStack summit in beautiful Vancouver! We had a lot of really good discussions about TripleO. I’d like to recap some of the things that were covered. Before I get into that though I wanted to update everyone on the state of TripleO in general. Over the Kilo cycle, we’ve added a • Read More »

TripleO Liberty Momentum

Next week is the OpenStack Liberty Design Summit in Vancouver and I’m really excited about all the TripleO related topics that will be discussed. The progress made over the last cycle has been quite remarkable! I anticipate the community really building on this momentum. The puppet implementation in tripleo-heat-templates has really proved itself over the • Read More »

TripleO and Juno

I know in my last post, I said I’d be focusing on CI/CD next. But, given that I’ve been a bit lax in blogging, I decided to post about what we’re working on for TripleO in the OpenStack Juno timeframe. We had a TripleO midcycle meetup hosted at the Red Hat HQ in Raleigh, NC • Read More »

TripleO and Golden Images

I spend a good deal of my time these days working upstream on OpenStack TripleO. TripleO has made a lot of great progress recently at being able to deploy and manage a production quality OpenStack cloud. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of growth in the community activity and interest. I figured a good way to • Read More »

TripleO VM Setup

I just got done publishing this on the RDO wiki: http://openstack.redhat.com/TripleO_VM_Setup It’s a set of steps to help people get setup for TripleO, which is the OpenStack deployment program. It uses 3 vm’s for the setup. One for your undercloud, and 2 that simulate baremetal nodes for provisioning of the overcloud. The steps are CLI • Read More »

Intro to some Python dependencies of OpenStack

Well, it’s 2014, so I might as well get my one blog post a year out of the way :). I started working on OpenStack around the middle of last year. Since that time, I’ve been exposed to quite a lot of things that I was previously unfamiliar with. In addition to all of the • Read More »

Consistent IP’s and hostnames from a libvirt defined network

I’ve noticed that when saving and restoring vm’s from either virsh or virt-manager, that often the IP address of the virtual machine changes.  This can be annoying as you have to employ different methods of figuring out what the new IP of the vm actually is (login to the console, access the display, use the • Read More »

Spice display bash function

I’ve found myself using virsh more and more to manage my libvirt based virtual machines, as working from a CLI based shell is easier for me.  virt-manager is nice, but not all of the libvirt features are exposed in its GUI for vm management.    However, I didn’t see a virsh command for launching a running • Read More »